Basic architecture of Big Data

The cycle of Big Data

Just the application related to a different database, the big project data also has its development cycle. important role 3Vs in deciding the project’s architecture big data. The big project data also have the phase as data capturing, transforming, integrating, analyzing and building actionable reporting.

This process looks almost the same, but due to the nature of the data, the architecture is often completely different. Here are a few questions that everyone should ask before getting started with big data architecture.

The question arises

Total database of you how much will it be great?

Asked about the timing of the report is nothing – real time (real time), part-time (semi-real time) or time regular (frequent interval)?

Availability of critical data and disaster recovery planning (disaster recovery)?

The security plan for the network and hardware used for data?

What platforms will be the driving force behind the data?

This is just the basic question, but based on the needs of your applications and your business, you adjust the questions. This question looks pretty simple but the answer is not simple. When we are talking about large data settings, there are many other important aspects to consider when deciding on the architecture.


The components of the architecture of Big Data

Absolutely could not put out the most optimal solution for any big data solutions in 1 single article, however, we can talk about the basic building blocks of big data architecture.

The image above gives us a good overview of how the different components in the architecture of the big data of mutual interaction. In big data, different data sources are part of the architecture so that extract, transform, and integration is one of the most important layers of the architecture. Most of the data are stored in the relationship as well as impertinent and data warehousing solutions. According to business needs, the various data (various) are processed and transformed into Visual reports to users. Just like software, the hardware is also the most important part of the big architectural data. In architecture by big data, hardware infrastructure of utmost importance and need to install the stop error occurs, ensure high availability and DR.

NoSQL in data management

NoSQL is a very popular term and it really mean is Not Relational SQL or Not Only SQL. This is because in big data architecture, data in any format. To bring all the data together, the relationship technology is not enough, because the new tool, the architecture, and the other algorithm were invented will get all kinds of data. These are referred to as NoSQL.

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