Be careful shortcuts in your journey to the cloud

We find that how to migrate applications to the cloud such as lift and shift, partial refactoring, and complete refactoring. It is simple for Lift and shift to change the application code and data (or their photos) to the cloud. Partial refactoringis meaning as rewriting parts of the application to better consume cloud function.  Most of the application can be rewritten in order to be cloud-native.


Be careful shortcuts in your journey to the cloud

Which is the best solution? Public cloud supplier are boost the lift-and-shift approach — because you can remove to the cloud faster despite the inefficiency of the expense. it will make company increase revenue and profit because the cloud supplier will reduce the money from the wasted resources each month.

it is the fact that  enterprise application workloads are similar tosnowflakes — they are all various. The only common pattern is that most applications are not designed well for the cloud. They might not bring benefits of threading, or their data is too tightly coupled to the application, for instance.

These design problem can delete the efficiencies youfind out from the public cloud or even cost you more on the working side. It can be seen that from applications take unnecessarily enormous footprints in the cloud, which can reach into millions of dollars tossed away in wasted cloud resource consumption. It’s like consuming a 20-year-old refrigerator in each of a new house:

Both the long and the short of it: You’ll have to change almost your applications heading for cloud. That’s not easy work, which means your migration willnot be fast.  in order to get a quick “win,”it is unnecessary to spend the effort and time, you’ll have crap operating in the cloud that will pay you dearly.

Especially, you shouldn’t let this stop your move to the cloud and avoiding the temptation of shortcuts.

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