BigData is one of the most important technologies.

There are many interesting things about Big Data and also a lot of confusion about it. This article will provide a defined “5Vs” about Big Data and application examples of large data through the actual product in the world and Vietnam so that you get the initial understanding about some of the possibilities of the BigData.


In the world, there are many definitions of Big Data. In 2001, analyst Doug Laney of META Group (now the primary research company Gartner) said that the challenges and opportunities lie in the growth data can be described by three dimensions “3V”: increase in the number of archives (volume), increase in processor speed (velocity) and the increase of varieties (variety). Now, Gartner, along with many other organizations and companies in the field of information technology continues to use model “3V” to the definition should Big Data. Come 2012, Gartner added that Big Data in addition to the three properties on the left must “need to handle new forms to help make decisions, explore deeper into things/events and optimizing work processes”.

Here is the new concept of Big Data 2014 of Gartner on the model “5Vs”-five important comes up Big Data:

Volume (number of archives)

Big Data (“data”) is the set of data storage capacity exceeded ensure of the traditional tools and applications. The size of the Big Data are ever on the increase, and count up to 2012, it can range from a few dozen terabytes to a petabyte (1 petabyte = 1024 terabytes) only for a set of data only.

Velocity (speed)

The amount of data increases processing speed and very fast progress towards real-time. The popular application in the Internet field, finance, banking, aviation, military, health your health today largely trained on handling big data real-time. Data processing technology on a large allows us to handle the instant before they are stored in the database.

Variety (variety category)

Forms and types of data stored on a more diverse. Before we talk about the structured data today more than 80% of the data in the world is born is unstructured (documents, blogs, photos, videos, voice etc.). Big Data technology allows us today to link and analyze diverse types of data together as comments/post of a certain user group on Facebook with information shared videos from Youtube and Twitter.

Veracity (accuracy)

One of the most complex nature of BigData is the accuracy of the data. Trends in Social Media and Social Network today and the strong increase in interactivity and sharing of Mobile users make the painting determined reliability & accuracy of the data on a more difficult. Mathematical analysis and eliminate data inaccuracies and interference is important properties of BigData is.

Value (the value of the information)

The value of information is the most important properties of the Big technology trends Data. In this business must plan the information value of the BigData to the problem or the model of your business operations. Have to say the first thing is to determine the nature of the “Value” they should embark on BigData.


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