Cloud Email is known as excellent Battle: Google Gmail Rivals Microsoft Exchange

Do you know about the news of Google Gmail? In business email industry, Google Gmail makes a sudden attack on this new industry, so it may be become a difficult threaten to competitor in the market email nowadays. Despite accounting a ratio of the market, Google still should supply tiny adjustment that it has the demand of certain enterprise, it still made up for almost the cloud mail in the market.



From the time of the emigration of google to other company, it is guessed from Gartner that google can alternate to Microsoft Exchange Online and other different service of cloud mail which is tent to rise in the next ten years.

It is the report from Matthew Cain researching VP at Gartner that when the cloud email is still in the beginning stage, at 3:57 ratio of enterprise email market,  company want to the success and increasing of public industry in the future, in some last month of 2016, it comes to 20% of the  market and break though in the end of 20120.

In the cloud computing space email, the Chocolate Factory is also facing to face a heat argument with Microsoft. It analysts to warn that this mustn’t supply in the other email suppliers.

Through the past few years, additionally, Microsoft Exchange email services Chocolate Factory is only one that appears to the business. Novell GroupWise and IBM Lotus Notes / Domino which are known as other services, losing momentum. VMware Zimbra is just beginning to find at the enterprise, on the contrary, Cisco has fall down its cloud email venture.

However, Google, is still reluctant to have additional functions and requires small tweak to meet the demand of their clients.

It is said from Technology Gartner that:

Bid organizations with other difficult email offers including financial institutions, claim that Google is opposite to functions offer that small segment of its clients would be only applied Banks, for instance, may offer surveillance abilities that Google is different from setting up into Gmail for limited appeal.

It doesn’t need for Google to include the back-end functionality for its enterprise customers:

While Google is interested in taking direction and input on front-end functions, it is able to resistant to the offered back-end functionality vital for big enterprise. It is report from System integrators and large enterprises that the lacking of Google about  transparency in place including continuity, security and compliance could not allow to have a good relationship.

Regarding to the report of Cain, inspire of having the limitations of Google, Google’s email service industries makes enterprise email a two-horse race.

“Due to the strong of the intense competition which are between Microsoft and Google will both good supplier and make them to apply cloud expertise to efforts now which is not the same as cloud computing,” he said. “The competition will make it not easy for other providers to face to face immediately in the cloud email and cooperation space.”

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