Google Begin Effect Listing Advertisement for All Traders

On Thursday, there is a new type of advertising launched by Google for all advertisers, the name of this is Product Listing Ads, which has a tiny thumbnail photo of the image directly with listing Statistics Adwords. The development of The Adwords listing has been increase by a way of supplying price, the rate of product, and others, however, this formula makes additional Google search results become a small online store.

Google Begin Effect Listing Advertisement for All Traders

A year ago, Google launched a first beta version of the Listing Ads in the market with a numerous of more 800 online merchants such as and, the chance to take photos of products in the list financing of their Adwordsfrom the researching of Google. Only when Advertisers can pay if people purchase the product, instead of use a click. And they will not bid on many various keywords consuming AdWords, Google choose the researchinghowever, it shows their advertisements at that time.

Following the news from Google, “in beta, advertisers showed hundreds of millions of products and it is can be seen that people are more than two clicks on a product Listing Ad because they click on a text ad Standards in the same position. ”

This new ad products make the most sense for ecommerce sites and corresponding rise Google’s push itcompare to shopping find engine on just in time for shopping.

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