Google has fully-feature smartphone apps into mobile advertisement

You probably deleteall the mobile advertising that you are consuming on your smartphone — “Cookie Jam” who may promise to be an attractive, interesting experience but you never find the app to make you feel satisfied. At the moment it is unnecessary for you: from today, Google will launch the 60-second trials of smartphone apps online into a lot of advertisement of your mobile.


It operate some like PlayStation Now: complete versions of the apps operate on vitualmachines on far servers and communicate the all experience to the consumer’s phone over the internet. It’s not precisely what we hope, according to Google, it was operating on trying streaming application, but it makes many meaning: “Try before your purchase” is sort of a silver bullet for advertising. Additionally, it could also help fall out the figure of apps lingering which don’t last on consumer’ssmartphones. If you already know it doesn’t meet your demand, stop downloading immediately it just to “try it out.” Advertisement has short functiontrials introduce this day. Pass by one? Tell me what the experience was like by sending your feedback here.

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