How to unlock the next level of cloud security

Cloud supplier require some of the best security in the industry, but you can go an extra protective step with a controlling service.

What do you ask about the cloud security best? It depends on what you want to protect in the cloud- answer the question

Of course, encryption and variety accuracy are protecting the safe of the mix to keep your data and applications. It is the fact that: the security services are convenient for user which you can see in the cloud are about as good as they get in IT. And then, we never see any main attack in a public cloud.

However, the security was put bets aside, in order to make your application safety in the public cloud, you must active watch it.


How to unlock the next level of cloud security

You can see that you’re hit with attacks from outside of the country that is the same as access attempts on a group of IP addresses in the cloud. Those serversencrypted on the date, so you usually are protected whenever the attackers gain access. On the contrary, in order to approach them better, you should kick them off automatically consuming a controlling function that can see the odd behavior, it is noticeable that it’s out of policy, and take corrective action.

You should remember that a console 24/7 usually stand in front of human; it’s an automated process that sees the cloud-based systems at the facilities, data, application, and network layers. The analogy I am interested in consuming is that your doors and windows are locked by your cloud security systems, inside your home can be put your valuables in a safe . With controlling, you also have a security guard who can spot attempted intrusions before the stolen effort to check your locks.


There are a variety of solutions on the market that you can consume, either on-requirement out of a cloud or as on-premises software. The trick is not to toss technology at this problem; take your time to pick the best approach for the workload you’ll be operating on the cloud.

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