Nintendo explains its reward program and that application of smartphone

Actually, the first smartphone of Nintendo starts to appear in the market. In the earlier today, stakeholder called and the cooperation introduce some functions of this phone for people and direct them to use all its features. Firstly, on February 17, you can sign out any games (“My Nintendo” online service). This thing is like the new reward of cooperation scheme, also set up on further in today’s call. In March, you must ensure the operation of your’ My Nintendo’ account to adapt to all the above appeared in the global ,however, until this time, this is the plan of the cooperation.

The reward is divided into two different tiers such as Gold Points ( you will have this score when you purchase Nintendo games, consoles and digital content) and Platinum scores that you will have scores when you sign out your account, playing games, do non tractions  in your smartphone.

You can earn score by some different method, as the way you use them. You can receive Platinum points when you remove for digital contents (wallpapers, game DLC), while you receive gold points when you will change into discount vouchers — for purchasing more Nintendo stuff. Please wait, don’t need more Mario caps and frivolous Nintendo toys, a la Club Nintendo? Incompletely: according toNintendo’s investor briefing slides that you can exchange Platinum points for “original goods”, dealt with separately to digital exchange.

In Mid-March The “My Nintendo” service will act throughout 16 regions, like the launch of Miitomo, the cooperation’s first smartphone name, do you make sense an “entertainment app” instead of being a game. In my point of view, Nintendo’s splitting hairs, because Miitomo still is the same as the 3DS’ Tomodachi Life title, with individual avatar living alongside other same-made Miis —maybe it become a friend in your real life.

Next month, this app will be introduced in the market, it is known as the first app out of the fifth smart phone launched From now to March 2017. In order to use all its functions of your smartphone, Mii Photo is describe a function to help you blend together your character with imegies can status, making ensureing that the first smartphone of Nintendo make you share anything in the social network easier and simpler. Until then, you can post your support for anything that Nintendo did on your smartphone with Mario Maker Wallpaper….Maker.

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