The cloud can room as rocket in 2017

It’s now clearly that 2016 was the standing out point for cloud computing, so the questions for 2017 are established: How big will it get? When will it experience rapid develop? Also, what part of the market will develop the fastest?


the growth drammatical in migrated workloads. I already see larger and larger transaction, all goal at 2017 deployments. Meaning that IT must get good at migration—fast.


Public cloud suppliers will require better tools, and business will become more understanding about consuming them. However, you can make up on big bottlenecks to occur as workloads that are not suitable for the cloud or debats with security, governance, and compliance offer.

It is necessary for cloud controlling and governance. The dramatic growth of migration will boost the tipping point forcontrolling the workloads in the public cloud—IT will have a lot of to control manually. Hoping to see more tools to support for that management, especially around cloud service/application governance as tools that can abstract you from the details.

Business get slick with containers, but spending for new applications. The development of containers is real, you can know less about both for Docker competitors. Containers will become a designer and technology attraction.

However, you don’t hope to see IT containerize existing applications—it’s difficult to happen. Why? Because containers may be suitable for net new applications, where IT can systemically operate the container create into the application, but it’s costly and dangerous to rework existing applications for containers if you want to add more functions


IT has deal with problem with this before as in the moves to PCs, the web, and distributed systems—but this time it’s going to be more difficult. It’ll be worth it: The cloud remove will be changing game in the long run.

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