What is the next stage of the cloud?Beyond AWS?

Following the report from Amazon Wed Services, in last quarter, the revenue of company reach more $ 2.56 billion in revenues, it put it on pace to make $ 10 billion this year. AWS has sometimes become the clear public cloud leader and reported from the latest financial is that the real money can be innovated by the managers more enterprise accept public cloud computing.

Seeing the summarize data:
+ IT workloads make up 5% on public cloud including infrastructure and applications.
+ The public cloud market accounted for 70 to 80% by AWS.
+ There is from 40 to 50% of workloads which can’t go to the public cloud.
Last year, AWS had a potential revenue during this time, if AWS still keep their good speed like this, the profit of company will rise from $35 to $40 billion by 2018 and $75 to $100 billion by 2019.

By a way of adding functions and task coveted tiny enterprises and global 2000 business alike, AWS would win on transiting into the enterprise from its original. AWS can combined Google and Microsoft  which is a big heat start, now regret sitting on the sidelines as well as they did. Lastly, AWS is famous for the real leader by pretty much everybody.

Which method do AWS apply to engaged entice enterprise IT adoption? How company change and have various from others? The public cloud is that business will allow AWS to find out. This could mean not only that the new coming to security, controlling and governance, but also is vertical service including health care, money, dev-test.

Similar to AWS at a lower price won’t work — enterprises as discounts, but they value offererstability more, which means they are tend to stick with dominant providers.

Likewise, AWS, if paying in lower cost won’t work- business like discounts, however, they still worry about the stable supplier meaning that the good relationship and dominant providers is notice more.

Because business can have anything they need by AWS, the case arises for other public cloud provide to do them, so it is easy for enterprises. So, all enterprises can use more than one public cloud and cloud supplier will require that apart from finding to add consuming  AWS, it should add more particular.

Not only enterprises but also cloud supplier need to consider differently about the cloud market. The foundation still have known and have from the less supplier including AWS, Microsoft, and Google. therefore, the next stage await spend for both suppliers and business.

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