Windows will be absorbed by the cloud

InfoWorld’s Eric Knorr has made an attractive positions that perhaps Microsoft should get out of the Windows business and instead focus on the public cloud. I get that opinion. In the 1990s, I consider customer systems that such as Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2, and about 12 versions of Unix. In my mind, I thought that was a difficult work, that we were focused on the wrong troubles


The past focus on client controlling systems, then on mobile working systems, was perhaps a wrong effort. Why? For one thing, the complexity of it all — if you agree customers to work systems, you’re distributing complexity. Ask the people charged with supporting Windows — or any client OS, for that matter. They will most likely warn you when the complexity and difficulty is large.

For example, there are tens of thousands of copies of Windows in any business, all with various numbers, versions, and applications — and usually known as a collection of viruses and malware. The support team must upday the newest as well, track applications, and consistently catch up with security threats. This costs business tens of millions of dollars each year at the very least.

The chance now is to supply applications and working systems services from central servers. The notion is seldom new — we’ve long had had time-sharing, far reaching login, and VDI, for instance — but the cloud now makes it realistic to do. Microsoft is the best instance of a traditional customer working system offer that has moved to a cloud-based set of applications, features, and functions that you can be made your demand.

This cloud-centric structure allow IT set place the difficulty into a centralized domain. Any changes and updates have influence at once, and the updates need only to happened to alone virtual location. Everyone has connect to the same working systems, storage systems, file systems, and applications, consuming a tenant-management system. Because these are centrally controlled, common support troubles including number controlling, updates, patches, and application license management go away — and the reducing of price fast.

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